Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Another CanuckCare� success story

For certain values of "success," of course.

Friend of mine (Canadian ex-pat) just posted this on Twitter*:

"My cousin just called. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March, was put on the urgent list for surgery. It�s mid-August. �Oh well I just have to wait�, she says. Every day untreated means progression of disease. #CanadaWaits #socializedmedicinekills"


"It�s �a good cancer to have�, in that typically they can just cut out the affected organ. But who knows if, in the ensuing time, it�s affection other systems?"

"I am so angry that people are treated like this. Six months almost with no surgery date. In a first-world, technologically advanced country."

From another friend in response:

"I�ve had arguments online w/Canadians about how this kind of thing doesn�t happen & I�m a stupid American & don�t know what I�m talking about. A friend of a friend came to the US for hernia surgery because he was in excruciating pain & the wait was 1.5 years."

And finally, from my ex-pat pal:

"My father�s first oncologist appointment was scheduled for after he died."

But hey: Free.

(*Anonymized to protect her identity)

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