Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Come Drink with Me in Peoria on Thursday, January 25

HopScotch is an adults-only evening to benefit the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum in Peoria, Illinois. They invite a few of their favorite local restaurants and breweries to bring in signature whiskey cocktails and locally-crafted brews. The event also has live music, a silent auction, and hands-on activities. Food too.

I don't know how hands-on you'll want to get, but I am one of the activities. Holders of a VIP ticket can hang out with me in the VIP Whiskey Lounge and sample a selection of fine bourbons. My books will be available for sale and signing. I'll be there to pour the drinks and talk about all things American whiskey.

The whole event sounds like fun. "HopScotch is our annual adults-only event that helps us kick off the new year. The Cookery returns providing guests with savory and tasty selections while you explore the museum, participate in the activities, and make new friends. You will see Noir and Hearth again this year providing their delicious whiskey cocktails. We welcome Edge, Tannins and Hops, and Zion to this year's event and couldn't be more excited. Our beer presenters won't be outmatched and are offering several options for the beer lover. Half Acre has come back to play and new to the group are Destihl and Triptych. This year is going to top last year's event with the exciting auction."

Tickets are here.

About that auction, one of the items on offer will be this very bottle of Maker's Mark Private Select, Curmudgeons Edition.

This is from the barrel created by me and fellow writers Lew Bryson, Fred Minnick and Michael Dietsch last summer. We won't be pouring it in the Lounge, but you can bid on it in the Silent Auction. While it is not quite one-of-a-kind, you won't find it in any stores. You'll be the pride of Peoria if you place the winning bid.

Peoria, Illinois, and the nearby town of Pekin, were once whiskey producers on a scale that rivaled Kentucky. The infamous 19th century Whiskey Trust was based there. The town still produces a lot of ethanol. If you're in central Illinois, come say hello and benefit a worthy cause.

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